This is the blog of Kris Northern aka phidelity. I am a free-lance graphic designer / musician based in Portland, Oregon with many  interests leaning towards the nerdy end of the spectrum. Some of these include Isometric Art, Origami Tesselations, graffiti, fractals, Sacred Geometry, photography, object oriented design and art as well all manners of electronic music and sound design,


This site is a continually evolving work in progress but can act as a portfolio for my previous work. Please have a look around and sign up for my mailing list if you want to get updates when I put new work out – I only send out an email every couple months. =)


I also write a zine called the Jaded Review which is primarily parodies and satires the hippie culture.

I am also one half of the group Squiddhartha which makes fun funky tongue in cheek electronic dance music.


Of course you can find me at all the usual places: