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In celebration of Yahoos’ 15th anniversary they put together these three painters to create a collaborative emergent vision of what the internet looks like. As you will see in the video the structure of the piece follows the same sort of emergent structure that made the internet. Amazing.

I am a huge fan of Craolas paintings and this video shows an inspiring and enlightening peak into his process. If you would like to see more of his work check out his site

The folks over at Dentsu London & Berg have released this short about the process behind their awesome 3d model light painting using stop motion and an Ipad.

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

The art of Tatiana Plakhova

Moscow-based Tatiana Plakhova’s unique emergent organic style really caught my eye the first time I came across it and begged further investigation. Though I am unable to find specific reference to how the images are created they do seem to point at an underlying algorithmic process whether it’s manually created or generated via coded processing. However it’s done, the results are absolutely beautiful.

Her Behance portfolio

Shes on Twitter

Her website

Accumulonimbus – stop motion video

Accumulonimbus from andy kennedy on Vimeo.

Andy Kennedy created this amazing clay stop motion video and made a detailed page on the how what why where and whats right here

MRI scans of vegetables

I stumbled across the “Inside Insides” blog today which seems to feature various fruits and vegetables as seen by slices through Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Be sure to check out the whole site here


Cross Section of a watermelon


Artichoke Cross-section

I’m definitely on a tilt-shift, timelapse kick today and this video only inspires me more. Philip Blooms excellent break down of the making of this is worth the read and you can see the Canon cameras I’ve been drooling over.

Monument Valley from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Monument Valley from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Tilt Shift Love

I saw these Keith Loutits videos over a year ago but have been thinking about them quite a bit and had to go back and rewatch them. While some people fake the miniaturization technique in photoshop (cheaters) Keith uses a tilt shift lens and speeding up video to give the illusion of miniaturization.

I plan to do some research to figure out exactly how to do this myself but for now heres some videos, a link to keiths awesome website and his facebook page to follow his updates on his “Small World” project.

Small Worlds – Preview. from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Beached from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Bathtub II from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Bathtub V from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Small Worlds Project: Tour of Destruction. Pause while a clip is playing to share it.
Tilt Shift Video by Keith Loutit | Twitter | Facebook

Mandelbox Zoom

More in the 3D mandelbulb craze thats been sweeping the fractalsphere lately. It all started with the skytopia post on mandelbulbs.

Here is the mandelbulb 3d software used to create the video if you want to play around yourself

Oh and I would turn off the sound… I think the music is horrible on this one.

Mandelbox Zoom from hömpörgő on Vimeo.

I watched Vanessa Goulds amazing documentary on Origami called “Between the Folds” recently.  (it’s availble on Instant Watch for you netflix junkies) While there are many great interviews with inspired folders Chris K Palmers work really stood out to me. Particularily his description of the process involved in his “Flower Towers” which unfortunately is missing from his vimeo post. Check the documentary for that.

However you do get to see some of the amazing recusrive geometry in the video.

Want to see more? Check out his flikr page and his webpage

12-Fold Flower Tower from Chris K. Palmer on Vimeo.