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This was the 9th Esthetric Evolution which takes place deep in a beautiful Idaho valley 1.5 hours north of Boise. It is a really interesting blend of oldschool seasoned ravers and no holds barred youthful neo-raver types replete in faux fur and candy regalia. Jesiah of Chickenhed asked me to play on the ‘chill’ stage – in checking the main board to see who was playing when I noticed that, in the genre column, every single artist was listed as “psychedelic”, which gave me a chuckle as I’m not a big fan of the genre pigeonhole.

This set started off with a style I described to a friend as being the audio equivelant of “a monkey on the edge of your clawfoot bathtub performing a violin serenade for your bubblebath”. This style leads into weird and not quite relaxing psychedelic IDM glitch. There was a point where my wife, Alisha, thought I took it too far and said with that small amount of concern in her voice that wives are known for “This is a chill room – isn’t this a bit too crazy?” I responded that “It’s not a chill room – it’s the psychedelic stage and this is perfect… just listen to it… it sounds like your mind being flushed down a toilet!” I did eventually chill out a bit and played music that focused more on the beauty and less on the challenge.

I also did an uptempo set on Saturday evening at this festival.


  1. Unknown – Unknown (I’m working on it…)
  2. Robert Rich – Premonitions of circular clouds
  3. Atom ™ –  Weißes Rauschen (Zweiter Teil)
  4. Robag Whrume – Brücke Vier
  5. Bichi – Clouds Are Parceled Out Across My Vision
  6. Koan Sound – Green and Blue
  7. Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy
  8. Tipper – Algae Bloom in Seven
  9. Kiln – Korsaire
  10. Autechre – Corc
  11. EU – Boloto
  12. Bogger – Error
  13. Bichi – I am the god of small changes scamming my way through the future
  14. Al Tourettes – Memory jogging
  15. Bitstream – Streamlining
  16. Bola – Veronex Cypher
  17. Skipsapiens – Doctor Silla
  18. Ochre – Low Gravity Freefall
  19. Mr Projectile – I am Here
  20. Bluetech – Escape

And below are some photos from the event, enjoy!


Wide Angle of the Chill Dome the night this was recorded.

Wide Angle of the Chill Dome the night this was recorded.

This is 9 I chose to put on the front of the flyer. I remember choosing something classy and I started with my favorite stand-in classy font - Eames Century Modern. It was a nice shock seeing it 20 feet tall made into a mini-golf course!

This is 9 I chose to put on the front of the flyer. I remember wanting to choose something classy and I started with my favorite stand-in classy font – Eames Century Modern. It was a nice shock seeing it 20 feet tall made into a mini-golf course!

There was a beige party set up in a recreation of an office. Oh chickenhed you so cray.

There was a beige party set up in a recreation of an office. Oh chickenhed you so cray.

A nice scene just down the road from the party.

A nice scene just down the road from the party.



Booze into Books program – Week 1

After Superbowl Sunday I decided it would be in my best interest to exercise my will a little bit and skip out on drinking for a month and use all the money I blow on alcohol towards furthering my knowledge. Thus began my Booze into Books program, which is sadly, little more than a cover for my book addiction as of late. I’ve been building my design library with all the books I’ve been eyeing in my increasingly regular but anxiety inducing visits to Powells here in Portland. I decided to share a blog of the books I purchased in case other geeks out there want some inspiration towards some interesting titles.



Day 1

The Quadrivium:

Cost: Two Pints of Caldera Dry Hopped Orange the bar  (or $10 at Barnes & Noble with a 10 dollar Groupon)

When I saw this book on Amazon I didn’t think much of it, but decided to borrow it from the library and see if it would be something that I would be interested in. As soon as I opened the cover I was blown away. The information is clean concise and very thorough. Unlike so many other books on these subject sthis one contains very little wu-wu New Age BS that I was instantly won over.


This is a part of the absolutely amazing Wooden Book series which breaks esoteric knowledge down in the most efficient and precise manner I’ve found yet. The books on Sacred Geometry, platonic and archimedean Solids are the best in my collection. I recommend all of them. This particular book combines 6 of the wooden books into the Quadrivium, or the Four Classic Liberal arts: Number, Geometry, Music and Heaven.


This book contains the Wooden Books “Sacred Number”, “Sacred Geometry”, Platonic & Archimedean Solids”, “Harmonograph” “The Elements of Music”, & “A little book of coincidence”


Day 2 – Albrecht Durer – The complete woodcuts.

Price: $3 on ebay – cheaper than a pint of Ninkasi – Total Domination IPA on happy hour at Radio Room.

I am a big Albrect Durer fan. I especially love his woodcuts. According to Wikipedia: “His prints established his reputation across Europe when he was still in his twenties, and he has been conventionally regarded as the greatest artist of the Renaissance since.” While there are many collections of his work from what I gathered in my research this Dover book is the only complete collection of his woodcuts, which are among my favorite of all woodcuts ever.

Day 5: Los Logos 4

Price: scored for $16.50 on ebay (normally $48)

What I wanted to drink: Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Considering I was going for a 4 day weekend cabin party which looked like it was going to get schwilly I decided to fill in a few of the more expensive missing spots in my collection. I have Los Logos & Dos Logos already and enjoy these books tremendously. They are a compendium of amazing proposed logo designs from some of the best designers and design firms from around the world. I somehow scored a brand new copy of Los Logos 4 on ebay for 16.50 which is an absolute steal. Since it was a long weekend I figured I saved a lot by not drinking and got a second book which I listed below.


Day 5: Stefan Sagmeister: Things I have learned in my life so far

Price: $19 on ebay (normally $40)

What I wanted to drink: Belgian Whites

I had first heard about this book from Stefans TED talk and when I saw it at my friend Deons house I decided I would get a copy as well. It is a compendium of life lessons that Stefan has learned in his life presented as art. You can view more about it on the TED talk below














Fractals into Sound

I see many future geekout sessions in my future. Try it out for yourself here

Big Bang – Big Boom

an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life … and how it could probably end.

direction and animation by BLU
production and distribution by

BIG BANG BIG BOOM – the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Dear LaCie

I have a 1tb lacie harddrive which died when it was only a few months old. Luckily I back up everything! So a few months ago I sent this in to have it fixed and alas it has broken again in exactly the same way – The drives don’t spin up and I get a red error light. The response from LaCie is that my drive is out of warranty and that I can have it repaired for the price of a new drive. Ive put the full thread here but it reads like standard customer service BS – Feel free to skip to the end

Kris: I have a Lacie  black 1TB drive that I had repaired a little while ago. The drive has died a second time. I barely use the drive – its an occasional backup of my main drive.

When I connect power the blue led lights up, the drives do not spin, the fan does not spin and eventually the red warning led lights up as well.

I would like an RMA and if possible to exchange it for a less problematic drive thank you kris

Jack M: Posted: March 2, 2010 @ 12:53 AM

Good morning kris,

My name is Jack, and I will be happy to help you with your LaCie product. First of all, I would like to thank you for choosing LaCie, and we appreciate your patience and trust in our products. I believe you drive is not mounting and also your fan in the drive.

Many problems that occur with any electronics happen due to power problems. LaCie drives are powered by external power supplies. The external power supply is a small, black box that contains a transformer. This changes the AC power coming from a power outlet, into the small amount of DC energy required by a drive. They appear somewhat like this:


A power supply failure can have these symptoms:

  • Unusual sounds coming from the drive (clicking, humming or beeping in some cases.)
  • Unusual sounds coming from the external power supply. They should normally be silent.
  • Errors in Device Manager or System Profiler (error codes, driver problems, etc.)
  • General file errors or other strange behavior.
  • Some models of drives will flash or alternate colors when not receiving enough power.

Try a different power supply unit, from LaCie and of the same specifications, if the drive has similar symptoms.

Thanks, and please let me know your results

kris n.

Posted: March 11, 2010 @ 10:47 AM
Well surprisingly enough I have a second power supply from the last time my drive died and it exibits the exact same conditions I mentioned above.

I would like the drive serviced or replaced – It is unacceptable for a relatively new hard drive to have so many issues as I am using this as a back up drive.

thank you kris

Posted: March 12, 2010 @ 1:18 AM

Good morning kris ,

Thanks for the update. Based on the symptoms you have described, the next step is to repair the drive.

As part of the repair and testing process the drive will be formatted and/or the mechanism may be replaced so any data on the drive will be lost.

Note: Please note that your drive is out of warranty the cost of repairing the drive starting of 99$.



and my response:

Thank you Jack,

It’s unfortunate that LaCie now numbers amongst the companies that I won’t hesitate to relate my frustrations with when people ask me my opinion. As a freelance techy graphic designer / musician this actually comes up quite often when people ask me what sort of gear I use.

So rather than pay LaCie the price of a new drive to repair this piece of junk a second time because even if it were fixed I wouldn’t trust it further than I could throw it – I think instead I will put the money towards making a video along the lines of “United Breaks Guitars”. It would be a short video featuring a local punk rock band mournfully lamenting LaCies once great reputation and eventual decline that will be interspersed with high definition slow-motion, closeup and brightly lit footage of me smashing this crappy drive with a sledgehammer. Can’t you just see the spray of small bits of plastic bits tumbling end over end towards the viewer in slow motion? I love that!

Do you think I should rent multiple cameras and capture multiple angles? Does LaCie have a recommendation on which orientation I should set the drive on the ground in order to achieve the greatest spray of parts? Perhaps your engineers would know.

So, yeah… a local punk band to put the lyrics to music and will use the new drive I purchase (probably a seagate since their drives actually work) to store the tune after I record, composite, mix and master it.

My follow up video will be a short mockumentary capturing the highlights of my journey from my home state of Oregon (hey neighbor!) to Burningman with the shattered fragments of the drive talking about the scant memories of my very short relationship. “I barely knew ye!” Once at burningman we will interview a number of people who make insane art sculptures and reward the best idea for the final destruction of the remaining bits of the drive. First thing that comes to mind is a being tossed in the handcranked bowling ball trebuchet (catapault for the medeivally challenged) and launching it at many hundreds of miles an hour into the distance. Actually it would be best to try as many things as possible. Just for the viewers sake.

Did your PR department tell you guys about the PR disaster that resulted from United Breaks Guitars? with currently 8 million views on youtube its truly amazing how much sway a well-worded sentiment of frustration can hold. My favorite part was how Dave Carroll held to his principles and refused to be bought off when United realized how much bad press this whole thing was generating. in case your PR department was resting on their laurels I include a link for your amusement

This whole thing is actually inspiring as I’m planning on doing a series of these videos including the one about Apple gear quickly degrading which is sure to stir alot of sympathy amongst all the people who bought the hype about their stuff as well.

Surely some folks in your office can relate with the slowdown, crashes and systematic degradation of Apple products. Iphone? More like iWait. what about the 30 minute or less battery life on their laptops after a year? Thats so annoying!

anyways thanks for listening

Thanks for your time, kris

Singing Cars

A collection of cars singing classics by mogipbob

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire

Patsy Cline – I fall to pieces

The right now special

I need some cash fast and I want to sell this Hardin County / Cave-In rock fluorite specimen I have. It has some really nice Sphalerite speckled throughout. The cubes are very sharp and theres all sorts of fractal goodness happening on this one. I need at least 240 for this piece – contact me by email if you are interested kris AT

Totes SOLD OUT Brah!

This is my super ghetto “What you are trying to buy is sold out” page.

so… sorry, whatever it is that brought you here… is no longer in stock. Feel free to contact me with any questions



Dear Worlds Best Cat Litter

I understand that lacking an International Cat Litter Olympics makes it impossible to determine the true titleholder of ‘the worlds best’. Your brand name, “Worlds Best Cat Litter” with the Best being boasted proudly and mightily in its larger font size, could be interpreted with poetic license but I would like to make a few arguements to readers of this open letter to consider otherwise.What warrants no poetry are descriptions of the foul reek insidiously working its way into every corner of my house emanating from the catbox. I’m reading the details off the mostly full bag right now as we won’t be able to tolerate the stench long enough to see our way through this losing investment into this endless bag of failure pellets.

I see you are based in Iowa which, having been to a number of times, I understand is known for not only its corn and its corn, but also it’s corn. Wait…. Are you sure you aren’t a bunch of farmers with a bunch of corn by-product not fit for pig feed on your hands who then thought

“HEY! We could mash this up into pellets and sell it at marked up prices to those dumb treehuggers out west as cat litter because IT’S ORGANIC!”

That’s what it seems like to me. It seems like total shitkicker humor to add the WORLDS BEST CAT LITTER tag as the cherry on top of that kneeslapper as its told to drinking buddies around the local bar

And the funniest part is …HAHAHA……you’re not gonna believe this one….we package that bullshit with the label WORLDS BEST CATLITTER….Those hippies will buy anything!” and hilarity ensues.

I realize part of the blame falls on us for buying ANYTHING that has ‘worlds best’ written on it. I’ve had the Worlds Best Coffee which was glorified scalded mud. I’ve had the Worlds Best Pizza mmmm open up for some of that cold grease slathered cardboard as well as the worlds best donuts or as I fondly remember them – grease soaked sponges with curdled sugar lumps on top. Of course anyone knows ‘worlds best anything’ is going to suck but the mystery lies in just how much suck you just purchased (the suck to buck ratio). You want to see what sort of blowhard brags up his substandard product puffing himself up like a bullfrog and if they really believe all the tripe they are throwing out there.

So in doing a little homework I see your parent company got fined a little for some air pollution? Funny, because I would fine you for THE SAME THING. I think everyone in my house would be up for a little class action. Judge Judy would whomp your ass!

Now, I know cat urine is mostly ammonia and yes it stinks! I know how bad it smells if they pee on your things and I know what a normal litterbox smells like in all stages… from the “I have one cat and i scoop it daily” stage to the Im an assistant cat-lady to the “Im a completely insane cat lady and don’t even Own a little box” phase; (see below)


ok maybe not as bad as that video but whatever. I am not sure how, maybe its the scientific research you guys did but somehow your litter amplifies the smell of the urine and infuses it with this ‘aroma de barnyard drenched in zee piss of 100 cats’ The smell is so thick that as I leave the house I pull out a knife and try to cut off some of the noxious miasma trailing behind me in vain hopes of sparing others the foul reek of your patented but ultimately failed creation – Mini Barn Scented Urine Bisquits.

In all the ‘careful scientific studies’ you guys ran did you end up trying this equation?

(Wet Corn Matter + Cat Urine = DO NOT WANT)

You state on the side panel Finally we put it to the toughest test of all, In REAL litterboxes with REAL cats. Did you think of getting some REAL people with REAL noses to stick around and smell the REAL concoction you had unleashed? That would have been the true toughest test. Maybe not as tough as getting someone to buy a bag a second time.

Another unsatisfied customer