coverFinally! the highly anticipated Jaded Review issue 2 has arrived and is ready to ship. This issue is set up as a grandiose version of what we envisioned the first issue to be – a 24 page guidebook set up like a bird-watchers guide – to assist outsiders in understanding and navigating this crazy hippie culture. Currently there are 15 hippie archetypes with illustrations, saftey guides, festival guides and a reprint of the much lauded guidebook to euphemistic star-childe terminology.

Due to the nature of the magazine and the fact that there is zero distribution and not available anywhere but here –  it tends to inspire people to “borrow” them and never return them so I recommend buying a couple to share with your friends and to keep one for yourself – It also makes shipping more economical.

I will post a few pages from this as soon as I have a free moment but for now enjoy a few of the illustrations. There is also a page about the creation of this zine. To be kept in the loop about upcoming issues join the newsletter at the bottom of the page

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Illustration of “The Baller” spotted in the wild in Tuscon Arizona


“A featherhat”


Illustration of a “wook” spotted in a parking lot

User Reviews (mostly from Facebook)

Natalia Price:
it was all the talk at earthdance festival. It rips on us so hard….hilarious…..really makes us laugh at ourselves and the absurdity of defining ourselves through fashion and ego

Robert Gordon:
this is no joke one of the greatest things i’ve read! sooo funny!!

Vanessa Harlan: HILARIOUS!! This truly made me laugh out loud! I need more copies! Soooooo funny! (great job Kris!!!)

Chelsea Ross: The jaded review arrived today and made us laugh the whole line thru at the city pound. we were glared at. it’s friggin brilliant and hilarious. it should be filed in every respectable library in the land. Hats off to yous!

Tim Donlou: heck yeah, this thing had me in stitches out there. thx fer postin’

Elizabeth Cahill: funniest sh*t I’ve read in my life- so true!!

David Jerome:that shit was HIGHlarious! I never got a copy so hit me up!

Amanda Lilikoi: massive hysteria was induced at sunrise with the discovery of this zine, and to learn YOU were the responsible party just makes it all the better!

Andrea Campbell:So freakin’ funny mister!! Thanks again for your hilarious mastery on the hippie perspective!

Arun Once Was ZyGoat: I am SO GRATEFUL that the jaded review has moonifestivalled onto our coffee table! deep breath, everyone! I am galactivating all over myself just thinking of it!

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