Some of you may know the enigmatic human known as Skoi. If you don’t, let me tell you a bit about him… He’s got a beard which he frequently dips in some of the worlds tastiest beers. On either side of that beard are two ears that he frequently fills with some of the worlds trickiest IDM. Somewhere in that tangled hair pile is a mouth through which he talks a ton of bullshit. Suffice it to say, we are friends and so as part of our increasingly outlandish annual shenannigans we usually pull at our yearly pilgrammage to Orcas Island for the 4th of July Weekend we decided to revisit an old idea my friend Michelle had. The idea was to set up a booth during one of Skois dj sets and start drinking Skoi Milk. This unforunately didn’t pan out exactly as planned due to a two stage setup and Skoi playing in some Tea Shanti Tee-Pee type setup.

As I was conspiring with a few of my friends on this project I ended up sending tons of photos to them as the prank evolved so below you will see how it all evolved. First… I started by grabbing a photo off Skois facebook page and made a vector logo out of it.

We then turned this logo into a rubber stamp and it worked out awesome.

And then made a ton of banners, signs and assorted nonsense like the skoiMilk containers.

At the same time I decided to make some tea for my friend Darin, who always thinks I play music too loud and as hes the promoter of the event, and thereby the guy who makes sure we dont end up enraging the redneck neighbors to the point where they fire their shotgun in the air (again) he has to continually remind me that “we aren’t trying to rage it here, bro” Unfortunately… raging it… is what I do! So I figured I would pre-emptively make a special blend of tea for Darin… Darins Own, “We’re Not Trying To Rage it Here, Bro” sleepytime tea. Unfortunately, it didn’t help much, I still raged it and Darin still had to reprimand me.

In the process of all this had to mess around with one of the silly iphone apps I had showing off all this nonsense to my conspirators.

At the event we had to had out in our tent and prepare all the cups in which we would serve the skoi Milk

If you can believe it… we ended up at this crazy place on Orcas Island called “the exchange” which is like a thirftstore outside a dumptser. We found a bunch of cardboard letters.. including MILK. There wasnt a S-K-O-I – so we left it at that… I dont know why I insisted on painting it white, but it had to happen. My homie Sam manifested the spraypaint… by manifest I mean he went to the store and bought it. We spent the rest of the weekend trying to get rid of the white grass, which was a bad call on my part. Sorry Kai.


While skoi was off we all took over the food zone, comandeered the remaining unserved chai provided by our good friend Holly from Harmony Chai (hint: the best chai in the northwest!) and started serving up hot steaming cups of skoiMilk. Skoi eventually joined us and was flabbergasted. I wish we had more photos of that part but we were all pretty busy laughing and drinking our skoiMilk.

Skoi eventually went to sleep in his woodpile and brought some letters to remind himself.a week later I received this MMS from skoi on his way back to whatever mountain hes living on, sleeping in his woodpile tent, pretending to be a hipster, drinking cartons of his own milk. sad really. =)

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