I’m a long time  Si Begg fan, even his noisy, feedback screeching “gone too far” stuff that seems to drive everyone else crazy (well my wife at least) So being asked by my good friends over at Addictech to design an ep cover for his benefit EP for Japan was a definite honor.



I think it was noble of Si to contribute all proceeds from this project to the people of Japan and if you would like to support this cause please visit the page where you can purchase these pretty wicked tracks over at Addictech



For this project I played with a lot of concepts and really settled on wanting to keep a muted subdued feel while at the same time incorporating the japanese flag since the red and white works both for the ‘rising sun’ as well as first aid. I created the line work in Illustrator using a new method I’ve been exploring where I create a blend from one pattern to another and then create a pattern brush out of it, and then create a new pattern brush from that etc etc. The result is a whole new way of infinitely twisting and tweaking line art without degradation like you would normally get with raster graphics.


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