kilowatts cd

As a longtime fan of Kilowatts I am glad he’s joined the Native State family and decided to release his new LP with them. Ground State, according to our initial discussion, refers to both to the concept of an energetic equilibrium and “being grounded” – not in the you’ve been a naughty boy now go stay in your room where all your video games and toys are sense but in the two feet firmly planted on the ground sense.

Jamie supplied the feet on the ground image and I spend a while trying to figure out how to get Xenodream to express the image I had in my head of what energy would look like at an equilibrium. I imagined layers within layers of waves in harmonic concordance and the image definitely has a bunch of points the idea comes through strongly – which I made little detail screenshots just for you. This CD is currently Unreleased and is due out in November. When it is out I will post links here to where you can purchase it, and the digital mp3 sites.

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