I’ve written previously on how I think the Processing design oriented programming language is the kittens pajamas. Braving the dangers of the Powells Technical bookstore (the greatest place on earth) I broke down recently and bought the book Ive been drooling over. I resisted the calls of detailed mathematical deconstructions of MC Eschers works, a two part book entitled Mathemusica (50 bucks each), and a few pretty amazing fractal related books.

So I read about 130 pages of this in a day and Ive got the general idea. Of course it’s really simple to start; a bunch of functions with ranges of random numbers for size and overlaying a stroked black circle at differing opacities to create depth. This is inspired by both Gustav Klimts amazing colors as well as my curtains.

I spaced out the occurances of the 4 different types of circles by a conditional statement giving each type of circle a probability factor. ie every 15 out of 100 show up; The circles are drawn relative to the mouses position on the screen

klimt like artwork made by processing

So while this looks cool, it didn’t stay interesting for too long, so I decided to change the color up and add a few more features. In the second working of the code the main random circle activity hovers around the mouse coordinates while the random vertical bars are all over the page.


processing artwork

More coming soon! I am so excited I can barely lay in sleep for all the tossing and turning with what ifs and lines of code writing themselves in my head. For those who are asking me “What program” I am using. This is the interface =)

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