Indra’s Web, is based on a  buddhist spiritual metaphor of a web of consciousness connecting all life with each point in the web reflecting all the others. I first became aware of this concept through the book Indra’s Pearls – the vision of Felix Klein. The book uses the metaphor to describe Felix Kleins work which is somewhat difficult to understand without a decent mathematical background.

I chose to use an Apollonian gasket (which is derived from a Kleinian Group – so named after Klein of course) for the artwork for Renas CD. I took some liberties and remixed the Apollonian gasket for the CD face. The CD fits inside a perfect circle created from the same design which covers the inside three panels – this conceptually embodies the concept of the “one point containing & reflecting all others” See images below

For the cover of the cd I did a remix and created an action in photoshop and transformed the scale of the gasket dropping the transparency a little every time. I then overlaid some transparent 3D fractals I created using Xenodream.

I am going into detail because a number of people have asked me how I did this.

Below you can see the long view of the inside of the digipack containing the larger gasket which encapsulates the cd.

And finally the back cover – with the famous bubble chamber neutrino image as a background texture and a couple of images from the processing application I coded.


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