Back In the day we used to create Sand Circles on Ocean Beach in San Francisco.
We used simple geometry to create scalable shapes which we could make large scale on the beach. My friend Tony Grisey filmed the making of this from the top of Sutro Heights cliff as we tried to finish the piece before the tide rolled back in. (we didnt make it and Tony ran out of battery power right before the water ate the edge of our piece.)

Want to know specifically how we did this? Below are the sheets I made and printed out to my partners in crime with step by step instructions since the view from inside the piece is pretty confusing… A maze of lines.

More photos from this particular circle

Heres an archive of other circles we’ve done in the past.

Celtic duality flowerbubbles

I am currently looking for collaborators to work with in the oregon coast area. Currently looking for a video monkey to do the timelapse video, and collaborators. Please email if you are interested in collaborating late spring in a camp out on the Oregon Coast and making some epic sand art.

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