hey Guys, before the holidays I put up an image of a 303 flask that I made on facebook and it was very well received – so I decided to do a run of these for all the old school gear heads I’m friends with. These will be a limited run and once they are gone who knows if or when Ill do another run.

About the Flask – This is a stainless steel flask that is powder coated with glossy black paint, the sandblasting etches away the black and gives a very nice high contrast scratch resistant etch. The design won’t fade smudge or wear over time unless you are a complete rager and drag it along the floor of the club as you are getting dragged to the curb by the bouncers.

The cost is $25 (includes shipping in the US) The artwork was meticulously redrawn in illustrator and I sandblast them myself in the shop. I can ship internationally but the total cost is $30 to most places. If you would like quantity of these please contact me.

303 flask

Feel free to ask my any questions you have either here or on facebook

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