tipper cd

I like Tippers music in the same way that I like air. Air is good. When asked to do the design for this cd I was not only honored but a bit scared that if i dropped the ball on this one I might never let myself live it down.  Minor stage fright I suppose as I don’t consider myself a ball dropper ;)

When it came time to create the cd I, for the first time, tried to set aside anything I wanted to express creatively and tried to do my best to design as the music dictated it. A little harder than I expected but in the end I’m satisified that the design looks very much like what I imagine in my head while listening to it.

With the cover I used Xenodream to create a transparent 3d fractal which is essentially a two dimensional plane with ridges wrapped into itself like an elegant crumpled ball of paper. I wanted to create something that had form, elegance, and movement but yet you couldn’t define it – I endearingly began to think of these shapes as “Unspeakable Somethings”.

While listening to Whomi, the first song on the album – the images that would dance in my head were morphing organic fluid yet technical structures and this is as close as I could get to capturing them. Whats lacking is the evolution and actual movement. There may be hope for conveying that aspect in the near future as word from the rumor mill is that there may be a 5.1 surround sound version of this album in the works with video. There will be updates when it moves out of the shadowy world of possibly maybes into the concrete realm of “its happening”.

Tipper Onbody

The other images are variations on these shapes with different zooms crops and treatments.

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View the rest of the album artwork as well as drafts and rejected ideas

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