I realize that I don’t really have a page going over all the window art I’ve done. So here it is. From the humble beginnings to wherever its at right now. You can view the folder of more images including some of the process by clicking here

The most recent at the time of writing: Dreamscapes. More about this piece here

Orcas Wave: made for a friends wedding gift. Quite possibly the best frame Ive ever touched. More on this piece

Waves: Another Wedding gift =)

Waves Detail – Ive always been a fan of the white, purple and turquoise color combo

Celtic knot work insanity. This was my first intense piece. Now resides at my friend Liz & Jeffs house

Orcas Wave Remixed: Tidal pools added – First window with sanded and stained edges

Tidal Pool Detail

One of my first attempts.

Fjords != Fnords

another early piece when i first started playing with the medium. Nice Frame though

I made this one to fill a wall in our foyer… pardon the strange photo – I only had my iphone at the time of shooting this

An earlier piece

Attempting to frost tempered glass… not the best idea.

This is Tsuki… the patron saint of Montana 94

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