So it seems everyone in Boulder is rightfully getting psyched for the Younger Brother show on May 9th.

When I was last in Boulder, we hit upon the idea of doing a custom piece of art for a Conscious Alliance poster for this show. Most of you probably already know how great Conscious Alliance is, but for those of you who aren’t in the know yet, this is how it works: you bring 10 cans of food to the show and in exchange you’ll get a limited edition poster (created by yours truly), this food then goes to where its needed most. I think its brilliant, personally and I’m honored to put my energy towards the cause.

So I wanted to write a little bit about the design I ended up creating, but I should warn you now, I don’t end up showing the full design and I kinda start nerding out, but that’s just how I roll.

My main area of interest lies in 3D fractals – These are 3D objects that can rotate in 3 dimensional space. The banner at the top of this site was made of a collage of different 3d fractals I created with a PC based program called Xenodream. While most standard fractals are 2D, even the ones you can zoom into – the addition of a 3d dimension allows for much more expression and control in creating images. I started off by remixing the 3d fractal I used for the Younger Brother flyer and spent a few days rendering it (it takes a looooong time to render the size I need to do full resolution 18×20″ print) – This is a section of the fractal – Click to see more detail

Once that was done I started collaging it all together, I hit up all my friends to see who had a copy of the first Shpongle album to scan it for me so i could integrate the shpongle mask into the design, I am a bit shamed to admit I just recently sold my copy of it on vinyl to fund my gear addiction. From there it was some simple design work to make the whole design cohesive. Below you’ll see some sections from the design and some links. That’s all from me – If you want more you can always check out my site.

xoxoxo kris phidelity

more 3d fractals

animated 3d fractal video of Rena Jones – Open Me Slowly




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