Yesterday, I stumbled on Biothing, which is “a cross-disciplinary laboratory that focuses on the generative potential of computational systems for design.” managed by Alisa Andrasek. Since stumbling on three books on the subject I’ve been particularily fascinated with the algorithmic approach to architecture and this site is pretty amazing in its application of cellular automata, voronoi networks, and laser cut interference patterns towards this end.



I particularly like the project for a proposal for a taiwanese waterfront music center as it shows a number of amazing images but then also shows a video some of process which includes a custom Processing app using the control P5 library. The video leaves me feeling very inspired to work on my programming chops. (however I am getting pretty comfortable with control P5)


Magnetic Fields from alisa andrasek on Vimeo.

Fabware prototyping

Orbita Series: Using a combination of voronoi networks, electro-magnetic fields and sine functions to generate architecture.


Bifid: Using interference patterns to generate interesting patterns for a lighted ceiling installation check the blog post for more awesome photos, this of course can be filed in the same category as the post about Michael Hansmeyers amazing laser cut beams

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