a 3D Fractal from apophysis

I just stumbled upon a Zueuks page on deviantart who has a hack for apophysis which is the editor used to make fractal flames for the electric sheep screensaver. Despite the depth and 3d appearance of these images they have all been 2 dimensional until now. This hack allows for true 3d fractal flames and boy are they GORGEOUS! – The image above was created for the most part from tweaking Zueuks parameters from one of his 3d fractals and I can’t take any credit for it other than coloring, tweaking and rendering.

Want to play? here is apophysis – Youll need the 3d Hack experimental version

There is a great page of resources at deviantart including some scripts which may help you

I primarily play with 3d Fractals in Xenodream which is an entirely different flavor of awesome. I have a number of interesting articles which may be of interest to you if you want to explore the 3d fractal world more
5 minute animated 3d fractal
Read about Pythagoras Tree Fractal
Exploring Sierpinskis Triangle Article

Xenodream 3D Fractal

a 3d fractal from Xenodream

HD 3D Fractal Animation Study from Kris Northern on Vimeo.




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