Ever since I was a little kid Ive been fascinated with Moiré patterns and the resulting Twilight Zone effect that occurs when you have two similar patterns overlaid with slight differences. You see this in fences, screens, and fine sheer fabrics. I’ve been playing with creating this effect from scratch in After Effects for a little while now and decided to share my findings.
The first is the most recent utilizing some new After Effects FX – Mainly Turbulence Displace, Its almost like it was made for this sort of thing. This is not a seamless loop, sorry.

Download the movie file here

The second is the same set up as the first with different settings this one is decidedly more crazy and spastic

Download the movie file here

This last video is the first one I created tweaking at least 7 different parameters at once – its a little fuzzy but there are moments, especially the end.

Download the movie file here
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