Having a phone that takes decent pictures adds a whole new level of geekiness to my life: allowing me to take pictures of things  that I see but would normally forget 2 seconds after seeing –  including really cool geeky things. Below are all the images I’ve collected in the past two months – sort of organized by theme from geometric math nerd into music nerd stuff.

Fibonacci Squares

Probably a fibonacci sequence dictating the width and height of the rectangles. Seen on an album cover.

Star Tetrahedron Cymatics

6 point star tetrahedral Cymatic image created by sending sound through 1-2mm of water.

spirograph form

Alisha found this spirograph set on the street and did the first version of this image.

Ice Crystals

Ice crystals at Punchbowl Falls.

Bats at the library by the amazing Brian Lies, everyone knows bats like the golden mean.

Death to posers

Nerd Wall Graffiti: calling out another nerd who messed up the ordering of classes & orders on his wall graffiti.

rainbow refraction

Looking at a table runner on my friend Liz & Jazzes place through a pint glass. Perspective meets refractive index.

broken plasma screen

Wicked broken plasma screen – Was tempted to buy this as art but in the end decided it was a waste of electricity.

chrome reflections

Alisha and I were at Ikea and couldnt resist. Ideally I would go with a nice camera and explore the textures.

Indie rock cred

If you turn the indie rock cred knob past 7 you start wearing tight jeans and retarded sunglasses.

phidelity vs starflounder

The studio session with my good buddy Rubin (starflounder)

Beau Johnny Cache

Beau killing it at Sol Invictus. No really Beau… its DEAD you can stop killing it.

Skoi Sirius at synchromystic

Skoi at synchromystic

Alisha Otari

Alisha loving on an Otari Tape deck.

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