If there ever was a point where one could have too much inspiration, the point where sweetness becomes sickening this has to be it for me. I’ve spent the past couple days researching Processing, Learning processing, and checking out as many process-centric sites as I can find such as…

Complexification.net – This site is one of the gems of the internet as it not only provides something beautiful to random visitors without requiring high level understanding of whats happening, yet for the heavy duty geeks it provides all the source code for each project, the layout is beautiful and well fitted to exploring.

My favorite is the Jackson Pollack color inspired, Piet Mondrian does a City from above generative abstract art piece called substrate. Ive taken a few screen shots of iterations.

Other favorites of mine from the site include Node Garden and Henon Phase

Jared Tarbell is the mind behind most of these creations and I’ve found another what I assume to be, older site, of his Levitated.net with more code and applets including a golden spiral applet, an XML/processing navigation

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