Michael Hansmeyers work primarily focuses on computational architecture. There is no shortage of amazing concepts and applications of generative geometry as applied towards architecture on his site, which I highly recommend browsing.

I’ve written about Michael Hansmeyer before with his amazing Earnst Haeckel inspired Subdivision project however his latest project is simply ASTOUNDING. He’s taken the concept a few steps further and created actual columns created through generative geometry. As I understand the process as described on Michaels’ page he creates the model by slicing the model into 1mm thin slices and uses a laser or mill to cut out the pattern. All these slices are then stacked on a pole to create the full column. While I still love Matt Shlians work this is what machine driven paper-cutting would look like if it was fed a steady diet of hallucinogens, PCP, steroids, coffee and crack. (ps anyone else noticing the similarity to the mandelbox?)


I have to restate this in case you are missing exactly why this is so amazing. These are photographs of actual columns made of slices of laser cut paper. Check the photos below and check out his site for more jawdropping-ness.

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