This page is a collection of resources for Using OSC on your iphone and/or Processing. If you dont understand what any of this is about you can safely move on to the next article. This is mostly mac-specific, sorry pc peeps.

Iphone OSC Apps

mrmr – open source , community based project focused on allowing for easy installation of controllers over a wireless network via a BonJour Server. This seems to be the most extensible and useful of all the iphone OSC apps, though it is in its infancy.

[mrmr how-to quickstart]

TouchOSC – nice prebuilt app for free from itunes store – good for controlling music and processing [download] [reference]

Sonic Life - Cellular Automata that sends OSC messages over UDP

OSC Tools

OSC message Viewer – essential to see OSC messages [Download]

OSC Client – Essential to see if your scripts are working properly. [Download]

OSCulator – Convert OSC to midi and share with all your old devices which havent realized the greatness of OSC yet. Though its primary purpose is to convert a Wii-mote to OSC/midi data and works well with a Kyma Capybara


OSCp5 – the library needed in order to communicate in the OSC protocol through processing.

[download] [reference]

Tactu5 – an algorithmic music generation library which can send OSC messages with the above library

[download] [reference]

OSC Howto’s

OSC main page

Everything you wanted to know about OSC

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