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Oh yes! Skoi had the foresight to bring a recorder to this show and caught both mine and Random Rabs set (which you can check here). This was a great show – the venue was packed with people getting down all night long – not one moment where the energy waned. I played after Rab and so being a big fan of his worked wanted to slowly work out of his grooves into whatever else flowed…. turns out what flowed was a one way trip to the land of facemelt. I didnt see that one coming.

  1. Spoonbill – bunkerfunk
  2. hardkiss – someday my plane will crash
  3. FSOL – papua new guinea – oil remix
  4. phidelity – twlight in your eyes
  5. Mr Rogers – Space Vagina
  6. phidelity – Cell Abrasion
  7. Si Begg – come correct
  8. Rustie – pendulum
  9. Younger Brother – I am a Freak
  10. Justice – Phantom II
  11. Lawgivers – Sometimes Remix
  12. Autechre – Clipper
  13. Soul Oddity – Freq
  14. Solvent – Wish
  15. FischerSpooner – Natural Disaster
  16. Trentemoller – Windowlicker remix

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