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The focus of Designer Minds is on innovative underground dance music whatever the flavor, which begs the question – what exactly is “underground” anways? With venturing too deep into subjective opinion I’ll venture that when a persons integrity outweighs ego and their dedication to artistic expression is unwavering they oftentimes will be described as underground.

With that said – Random Rab is such an artist, Just doin his thing, and making music true to his heart. For Seattle at the synchromystic event this meant a special night  – one where the energy held tight and only built as the evening progressed with Rab holding down the “Sexy Time” with some of the thickest funky beats that have ever hit the Church of Bass.

If you enjoy this recording take a moment to reflect what takes to make it happen and consider supporting the underground artists that help make it happen.  The cd is absolutely stellar, the audio is pristine, deep, and incredibly well engineered with some of my personal favorite artwork I’ve seen to date from Andrew Jones – and hes done a lot of wicked stuff over the years. Purchase your own copy by clicking the image below. Many props to Rab for permission to post this and sharing his love with us. Also to see what happened muscially after Rab you can peep the podcast of phidelity live at synchromystic here

Want more Rab? you can follow him on Twitter, visit his website, or check his myspace


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