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This one is a classic, inspired very much by Joy who found a bunch of great music to share with me and encouraged me to think broader than psytrance since most of my friends were not only completely obsessed with trance but usually focused on one particular sound disliking other forms of psytrance. After a roadtrip where we shared 10 hours of Igors love for Infected Mushroom only to goto a trance party that sounded just like the stuff we listened to in the car we inexplicably felt an urge to branch out to get some variety. (love you igor, dont worry) Joy discovered the opening track by Nor Elle with its amazing adaptation from the beginning of Moby Dick. This mix was made in 2001 while I was living in Chicago really before I even know there was such a thing as a chill scene. It was an absolute shock to find out in 2005 that people would even dance to some of this stuff. I never would have guessed. This a loose storytelling piece based on the concept of starting underwater and slowly moving towards land. Theres a couple gems on here you may never hear anywhere else, most noticably Shakaturas "Velvet" (at 65:12 mins in) which he had posted on his website sometime in 2001 and never was able to release it (I asked him at some point if I could remix it and he said the files are gone forever due to a drive crash) A favorite! I revisited the idea of theming a mix in "the dreamer and the dreamed"
Track Listing


  1. Nor Elle – Phantom of life
  2. William Orbit – Montauk Point
  3. Speedy J – fill 23
  4. jaia – les chants de sirenes
  5. deep dive corp – bali hi
  6. william orbit – ride the wave
  7. deep dive corp – bassic
  8. waterjuice – inversion layer
  9. steffe – heart of fire
  10. dub trees -magnetic
  11. Shakatura – velvet

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