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Description: Back when I lived in Chicago I used to make trips with my friends up to Northwesterns Campus to do the Streetbeat Radio show every now and then, which was always a blast and sometimes totally over the top, So when my buddies over at Part Time Suckers Radio invited me to join them on their show I was totally down. I figured now was my chance to bring the west coast sound back home and drop some of the dripping psychedelic drenched dub bass funk on the unsuspecting collegiate masses of NWU.

I got a couple interesting phone calls but the highlight was the cab drive who was compelled to stop his cab get some change and call up the station because he’d never heard anything like it in his life and was pretty blown away. :)

  1. Tripswitch – Deer Park
  2. Adham Shaikh – Ohm
  3. Freaky Chakra – Glimmer of Dope 3
  4. Waterjuice – Sync or Swim
  5. Hardkiss – Top Secret Track
  6. Steffe – Heart of Fire
  7. Pitch Black – Alternate State
  8. Waterjuice – Fresh Squeeze
  9. Protoculture – Homeworld
  10. Naga & Amb – Agni
  11. Solvent – Think Like Us
  12. Fischespooner – Natural Disaster
  13. Andy page – Din Da Da remix
  14. TPC -Ride
  15. Kooler – Freefall Abakus remix
  16. Shpongle – Connoisseur Of Hallucinations
  17. younger brother – crumblenaut
  18. Adam Freeland – Burn the Clock
  19. Younger Brother – Evil and Harm
  20. Kick Bong – Gravity
  21. Entheogenic – Invisible landscape

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