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My buddies over at Stoutcast radio brought me for the this event. Stoutcast is an amalgamation of ezras love for Sammuel Smiths Oatmeal Stout (its a hippy thing) and sHoutcast the server technology that allows you to broadcast live from your house over the internet. I think the idea was hoping to move Orlando musically out of 1994, when the best thing it had going for it was that Rabbit in the Moon was based in Tampa – several hours away. No dice on that count. I didn’t realize how spoiled I am here on the west coast – Wicked top notch sound, Bleeding edge culture and sound and absolutely amazing crowds. Either way the show was good even though at the end it devolved into a rapid sucession of scary Lynch moments. And it was cool going to Florida and chillin’ with Ezra.

  1. claude von stroke – into
  2. Sasha – Wavy Gravy – Tipper Remix
  3. mylo – drop the pressure – Stanton Warriors remix
  4. nubreed – nufunk
  5. elite force – you (elite force mix)
  6. jnr hacksaw – innum
  7. koma and bones – nu born
  8. bengston – mango – (crash house brothers remix)
  9. Care in the Community – 13
  10. jnr hacksaw – truth is
  11. James Zabiela – Seal Clubbing
  12. downpressor – oxygen
  13. dan F – Halo
  14. Elite force & meat Katie – All night long
  15. PFN – I love you
  16. Si Begg – Turn the Volume up
  17. James Zabiela – Weird Science
  18. Starwaves – SpiritCatcher remix
  19. The Knife – Silent Shout
  20. Fluke – Reeferrendum

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