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Even though Ezra and I got off to a bad start when we first met on IRC, (he insisted there was no such thing as a static IP because he only knew AOL and I portscanned him just to push his buttons and I guess I scared the shit out of him…) Anyways we got off to a bad start but the fact that we both loved similar classics like the opener on this mix "Low Cool" brought us together in the end. That and copious amounts of alcohol and ludicrous nights on the town. Ezra even gave me a copy of Low Cool on vinyl which is only topped by Joy giving me the white label she had of BT – Fibonacci Sequence because she wanted it too and didn’t have doubles. Onto describing this mix. I was hanging out with my friend Daniel in San Francisco and we were geeking out on all this edgey bluesy soulful jazzy triphop at the time and so I wanted to give my hand at the style. This is the result. I forget the name of some of the tracks at the end. Sorry. Tracklisting


  1. Cabaret Voltaire – Low Cool
  2. walkner moestl – rebel music
  3. Thievery Corp – 2001 spliff oddessy
  4. Tosca – mango di Bango
  5. Boozoo Bajou – Satta
  6. jaffa – elevator
  7. the funky lowlives – nevermore
  8. the vogado projects – mas fuerte que el sol
  9. Astrud Gilberto – who needs forever? Thievery Corp remix
  10. lounge conjunction – unfinished business
  11. ?
  12. Dizzy Gillespie – Manteca (The Funky Lowlives Remix)
  13. ?
  14. Ken Nordine – Dream

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