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Description: There was a thread on my buddy evans music discussion list where he asked – What would you play in the Black Lodge from David Lynchs Twin Peaks?. I responded and realized my obscure selection would probably go over even the most seasoned music nerds head so instead I decided to post a dj mix of the really creepy weird feeling lynch moment music. If you haven’t seen his movie perhaps this music wont make much sense… why would anyone want to listen to music that makes your heair stand on edge, makes you feel really weird creepy and unpleasant? Probably for the same reason we watch the movies. Another of my friends, Mike Lazarev who runs Asmatronica, responded with a translation for the amazing Tuuvan vocalist Sainkho Namtchylaks – Order to survive which is placed below the tracklisting.

  1. Miasma – Dead Eye
  2. Murcof – Urano
  3. FFWD – Drone
  4. Coil – Disco Hospital
  5. the Books – a long sequence of villianous sounds
  6. FSOL – First death in the family (end)
  7. John Oswald – Velocity
  8. Sainkho Namtchylak – Order to Survive
  9. Coco Rosie – K Hole
  10. Sainkho Namtchylak – Lonely Soul
  11. Richard Devine – cprec
  12. Funckarma – spunge
  13. Bola – Veronex Cypher
  14. Autechre – Corc
  15. Richard Devine – 2
  16. mum – light of india remix
  17. crunch – nullpulze
  18. Sabres of Paradise – Chapel Street Market 9am
  19. FSOL – you’re creeping me out
  20. dj scud & isound – after all

Sainkho Namtchylak – Order to Survive lyrics (translated from russian) We were ordered to stay alive and not to take a step back

full steam ahead! turn to the right, turn to the left turn to the left, full steam ahead!!!!!! [repeat bits and pieces of above] With full steam ahead, we’re carrying on, so that in many years, in many years we’d understand that everything is nothing, and nothing is something, that the end is the beginning, and beginning is everything ordered to stay alive. ordered to stay alive… somewhere there, between sunset and sunrise scent of lavender, and the song of nightinggale ordered to stay alive


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