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Overall Description: This is the dub step set I put together when I opened for Kilowatts & Bil Bless. I was just curious to see if I could put together a better set than most of the YawnStep I generally hear out these days. People danced but It was obvious that they wanted something faster. Whatevs, they say the music is too slow, I say they dance too fast. I don’t really plan on playing dubstep again so I figured I would make a mix of it and offer it. This was mixed 100% live with a hybrid ableton dj set, with lots of dubstyle mixing and effects. This is the same set that the enigmatic Jack described as the auditory equivelant of a Curby (according to Jack this isn’t neccesarily a bad thing) For those who don’t know what a Curby is.. I’m not going to tell you, lets just say its VERY not pleasant and you don’t want. The voiceover in this mix will be removed when the track is released properly on a label – It’s just a measure to protect the artist. Shoutz to Brenden Eskmo for hooking it up with his killer track. I recommend you check the rest of his tunes out – def my favorite West Coast breaks / dubstep producer. likewise, Special props to Searchl1te from dubfront records for hooking me up with some of these tracks. Hope you like what Ive done with them ;) Tracklisting:


  1. Kode9 & SpaceApe – victims
  2. Pinch – brighter day (instrumental)
  3. 23hz – Al Andalus
  4. Decklyn – Messiah
  5. Benga – Middle Man
  6. Distance – Night Vision
  7. Benga – Duel
  8. Skream vs Distance – Traveller
  9. Ghosthack – ambivilant remix
  10. Venetian Snares – Black Sabbath
  11. Younger Brother – Crumblenaut
  12. Pinch- Punisher remix
  13. Skream – Make me
  14. Eskmo – Spearhands
  15. Skream – wobble that gut
  16. Benga – killers about
  17. Various Production – monster
  18. cloaks – hi tek buzz

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