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This was a good year for me at burningman. So many poawerful experiences and life changing art experiences. I was in an extremely emotional state and without a dncefloor to appeal to sort of meandered from a jazzy low cool sort of thing into a emotional psychedelic space, even playing my all time favorite emotional song – William Orbit – el ninjo. This is a long mix clocking in at 115 minutes, close to two hours.


  1. Ken Nordine – Sound paintings
  2. Jaffa – Elevator
  3. Down to the bone – staten groove
  4. tosca – mango di bango
  5. the vogado projects – mas fuerte que el sol
  6. bomb the bass – one to one religion
  7. deep dive corp – bali hi
  8. nada – earthgarden
  9. morcheeba – undress me now
  10. nu yorican soul – black gold of the sun (4 hero remix)
  11. jimpster – martian arts
  12. Boards of canada – I love you interlude
  13. William Orbit – el ninjo
  14. Takashi Kohgo – Tsubo dance
  15. professor trance – inner horizon
  16. legion of green men – beyond the borderless
  17. higher intelligence agency – ting
  18. shakatura – lucid dreaming
  19. gas – oxygen
  20. the orb – Alles Ist Schoen

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