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I was honored to be asked to play at the Portland Om Records 15 year anniversary party with house legends Dj Heather from my hometown Chicago, Olivier Desmet from Belgium and local hero Mercedes. Since I played early in the night I decided to use this as a chance to try my hand at playing a bunch of the 100bpm space disco I’d collected and work my way into all the new goodies Ive collected over the summer. Please leave your thoughts and comments below – they are always welcome… Also to be informed of new mixes please sign up for my mailing list below


  1. Mugolian Jetset – Glitches n Bugs (awaiin spaces version)
  2. Sorcerer – Egyptian Sunset
  3. An-2 – Wings (fatal version)
  4. Sorcerer – Surfing at Midnight
  5. Maelstrom – Petricor
  6. Homerun – perfect storm
  7. Ichisan & Nakova – Goba Funk
  8. Acos Coolkas – Stellar Way
  9. Aeroplane – Song for Marie and Alise
  10. An-2 – Distortion
  11. Plej – Jabos night out
  12. Junior Boys – FM – Tensnake remix
  13. Cinnamon Chasers – ?
  14. Cinnamon Chasers – ?
  15. Geddes – The Scene
  16. Spiritcatcher – Total Confusion
  17. ?

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