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This was a special set which was part of a larger special weekend (see the photoblog for photographic evidence). This set occurred between Dj Cam and Tipper on the main stage Saturday night. I spent quite a long time preparing for this set, cutting tons of special edits of songs I like but drag on too long, slicing and dicing bits into songs I like. The recording has a mic which was posted on one of the beams – throughout the recording you’ll hear cheering and crowd noise – mostly in a good way. This is also responsible for a slightly less than pristine audio quality. Oh well cant win em all. =) Rest assured the real audio sounds much crisper and kickass on a soundsystem.
oh… and it starts abruptly and ends abruptly. again… not my department. I would like to thank Mark Hall who I assume handled the recording of the sets and getting them all online. ;)

Garrett who was running sound, shot some videos during this set so you can peep it. I think the audio is quite loud so you might wanna check your volume first. =)

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