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I was honored to be invited back to the 5th annual Photosynthesis festival held on the northwest tip of the Olympic Penninsula on the epicly beautiful Makah tribe land on Neah Bay.This event is special for many reasons but I think what does it the most for me is the cultural cross pollination with the Native Makah tribe who have lived and fished on the land for many thousands of years. The tidal flats north of Neah Bay lend their own form of magic to the timeless feeling I experience when visiting.

This year I was asked to do two sets – One upbeat set on the main stage and a downtempo chillout set in the H’art dome. this, of course, is the uptempo set which is comprised mostly of special edits of my favorite songs to squeeze as much goodness as possible into an hour set. The genres go all over the place to the degree that I hesitate to list them in case someone confuses this mix for the confused rambling of a eclectic madman.

With Special thanks To Mark Hall for handling the recording of this and a shout out to the Photosynthesis crew for all their hard work creating such a special event.


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