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I was honored to be asked to play shortly after the ball dropped on NYE alongside some of my personal heros and favorite people Random Rab & Phaedroid (Andrew Jones & Phaedra) (p.s. dont forget the Random Rab live recording I have hosted on this site).The set went great – the KV2 was dialed and sounded amazing, the crowd stayed with me till the very end despite the unrelenting progression towards loud twisted facemelting tracks. A number of these tracks are special edits I made.

I held off for a while on posting this mix because I’m a perfectionist about a few things and this mix is less than perfect due to a less than perfect monitoring situation on the stage. The slapback was pretty brutal and I couldn’t hear the nuances of the beat – so with all that in mind you’ll pardon a few hairy mixes right? thanks =) I really can mix my way out of a wet paper bag if I had to.


  1. Booka Shade – Teenage Spaceman (phidelity edit)
  2. Uberzone – Bunk Pitch
  3. Gonzales – I am Europe (Claude Von Stroke rmx)
  4. 2020 Soundsystem – Grey Clouds (spiritcatcher rmx) (phidelity edit)
  5. Booka Shade – Regenerate (Pan Pot rmx)
  6. ndkj – Scale – (Luca Morris rmx)  (phidelity edit)
  7. Popof – Rise
  8. Wolfgang Gartner – Illmerica (phidelity edit)
  9. Deadmau5 – whatever song it was that came out that week – i know… i’m ashamed.
  10. Far too Loud – Start the Party
  11. Noisia – Alpha Centauri
  12. Fletric – Leveler
  13. Hedflux – Mindcell
  14. Noisia – Split the Atom
  15. High Rankin – Duncans Disco Dirtbox Disaster
  16. BT – Hiphop Phenomenon – BassBin Twins remix
  17. Christian Martin – Monster Island
  18. Ways and Means – Recreate

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