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Techno can sometimes seem to be an exercise in dichotomies – from kids redlining tonally harsh music on crappy soundsystems to some of the worlds cleanest, best engineered and well-produced dance music on bleeding edge sound systems (the type I prefer!)

I was into techno for a short while in the mid 90’s and found far more of what i was searching for in trance music and downtempo; spacious soundscapes, movement and progression and echo-y dubby goodness. I know many techno heads will argue that good techno has all the above, but like I said – It’s what i found more of. However these days there are so many flavors of techno being explored simultaneously with techno, tech house, electro house, minimal etc that I am able to find the exact sort of techno flavor I love the most – psychedelic twisted, yet clean and beefy. (can a vegetarian call his beats beefy or is that too confusing?)

Either way enjoy this podcast – Tracklist will be up soon. I dont feel like doing it right now. =)

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