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Fusing the sounds of classic disco funk basslines and bubbly, sizzling, psychedelic synth work by means of modern production techniques Space Disco is revisiting what initially sparked our dance culture on a large scale. This mix represents my favorite flavor of space disco, the edgy, the trancey and the fun and wacky. It’s not a funeral folks… we are supposed to be out there having fun! It’s ok to get a little stupid and silly.
Tracklisting -

  1. Quiet Village – Desperate Hours
  2. Jay Shepheard – Live on
  3. Padded Cell – Unknown Zone
  4. Emperor Machine – who you
  5. Lindstrom – I Feel Space
  6. Alden Tyrell – Mindless
  7. Padded Cell – Mindtrip
  8. Black Devil Disco Club With Prins Thomas – On Just Foot
  9. Jacob London – The Pony Magic Never Ends
  10. Emperor Machine – Bloody Hell
  11. Calvin Harris – I Created Disco
  12. Smith n Hack – Space Warrior
  13. Soho Jo – I Like to Dance
  14. Black Devil – Timing, forget the Timing (Kerrier District rmx)
  15. Padded Cell – Konkorde Lafayette


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