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The name is another Carlos Castaneda reference, this time refering to a story in which Carlos was inside a lucid dream and had the choice to wake up where his physical body lay or where his dream body was. He chose to wake up in his physical body whereupon Don Juan chided him telling him had he chosen his dream body he might have figured out the mystery of who is really the dreamer and who is the dreamed. Poor bumbling Carlos when will he ever learn?

This mix seems to be a unanimous favorite amongst my friends. It was made at a pivotal point in the psyambient scene. when all over the world psytrance devolved from really beautiful well produced spiritual music into well… whatever you call it today, thus scaring off people who didn’t have enough demons to contintually work out on the dancefloor. People were fleeing from the scene and flooded the rather minimal "psyambient" scene and putting alot of the same energy towards creating really beautiful danceable soundscapes. (ie track 8 and on). WIthout any real rules or guidelines alot of really cool music emerged. The psyambient scene in turn went the way of psytrance and eventually become a formula to repeat – which I will list here for anyone interested in creating psyambient. No really, the more you beat this dead horse the better!


  • Outboard gear is pretty much useless… you can get everything you need from sample cds and softsynths
  • Rape and Pillage some pirated Spectrasonics Sample cds. Particularily the world vocal cds. You can even be as sly as Simon Posford and turn their sample cd Demos into a hit song such as Divine Moments of Truth.
  • It doesn’t matter if the samples been used once or even a hundred times before. If you want to use it then use it, no one will notice.
  • Try as hard as you can to sound like Shpongle (who umm just did thier own thing without trying to sound like anyone else)
  • oh youll definitely need a sample or 10 from Terrence McKenna Anything mentioning "machine elves" is pure gold my friend


Multiply this formula by a thousand, crank out a bunch of crappy music and now you understand why psyambient puttered out. </rant> enjoy the music!

  1. Sainkho Namtchylak – Naked Spirit
  2. Nomad – Desert Wind
  3. Deep Dive Corp – Bali Hi
  4. Kemek The Dope Computer – California
  5. Freeworm – Dirt Bath
  6. interlude – something majestic
  7. Adham Shaikh – Pronoia
  8. Nada – Manakhana (youth remix)
  9. Umberloid – Neon Tetra
  10. Infected Mushroom – lo ra hey
  11. Younger Brother – Crumblenaut
  12. interlude – unfashionable end
  13. Drum Druids – Last Summer Dub (abakus remix)
  14. Abakus – night walker
  15. Deep Dive Corp – Deep Dive
  16. Groove Armada – Down at the River

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