I suppose this one warrants some explaining – What is CrabTown? It’s a place Sam, Jeremey (e.v.a.c.) and I went to three years ago and were blown away by the unbelievable nonsensicle creatures and coral the ocean vomited up on the tidal flats north of Makah Bay at the Photosynthesis festival in 2011. We were well impressed with all this and nicknamed this place Crab Town after an inside joke that began when we ran into either a dose of crabs – or a cast of crabs (depending on which obscure collective known you prefer). One of the crabs in the dose we nicknamed Emerald Tony owing to his bright green emerald coloring. and from there we started referring to the place as CrabTown.

This inside joke runs deep. Deeper than I have time to explain really (and frankly its too soon as the statute of limitations havent run out on some of the elements yet) but for now check out the photo of the flask that was created for those in the know.


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