Welcome to the first Cabinet of Curiosities blog post. This new blog is essentially a way of showcasing photographs of interesting things I pick up in my travels, sometimes simply for the explicit intention of photographing them for this blog. All photographs on this page are licensed with a creative commons license, meaning you can remix it and use it in your artwork as long as it doesnt have a commercial purpose.

So I just procured the macro lens I needed in order to do these high res close up photos. I am using a manual focus Nikon Micro Nikkor 55mm f2.8 for these photos. (scored for $18 dollars on ebay!!) A 105mm would be ideal as the bokeh (or so the blurry background is called) wouldnt be so dramatic as with these photos, but Ill simply reshoot and update the pages when I get that lens.

Angeline Chalcedony

This first photo is the whole specimen of Angeline Chalcedony where the details range from liquid-like motion on the left to mineral popcorn on the right. I picked this up in Tucson Arizona at the gem show two years ago.  According to Chris, the kid I bought this from, this was the nicest of the lot, which apparently grows inside of a hollow vein, hence the Chalcedony, However I failed to dig up any information on this particular variation of Chalcedony. If you know anything about it please contact me.


Angeline Motion Flow

This is a top down photo of the flowing part of the stone. When you view the close up you can see much more of the stalctite-like formations.


Popcorn Chalcedony


This is a close-up from the popcorn side of things. It resembles cave popcorn to me. I wonder what was going on with this piece that half of it has very strikingly different features than the other?

Im meltingggg

This close up shows some of the best detail from the liquid motion side of the specimen and has a intensely organic feeling to it.


A river runs through it apparently.


 chalcedony close up

 …and finally, a slightly zoomed out macro shot of the whole liquidy side of things. Thanks for reading, be sure to sign up for the RSS Feed If you like you this, as I have plenty more to photograph and document.

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