Ocean Jasper is the tradename for a form of Orbicular Jasper which is only found in one locale in the world – off the northwest coast of Madagascar. The mine is now closed and not producing any more Jasper, however when it was being mined the vein was only accessible at low tide. I was told that Ocean Jasper formed due to a unique geological event several millions of years ago: a lava flow being covered by a secondary flow from a neighboring cone which extended the cooling process beyond what it would have normally been. What initially got me collecting stones was was my first encounter with a museum grade ocean jasper. It was literally jaw dropping in its geometric perfection and stunning colors. Since that fateful day ive been searching for something even close to the same grade and the other day on ebay I stumbled across a piece close enough to suit my taste, however the downside is that it is rough and it means I need to polish it. For now Ive taken some macro photos of the raw stone and I’ll update this page as I make progress on polishing it. The side with the bright orange on green poppies is the side I plan on polishing.


druzy vugs - quartz filled ocean jasper

Close up detail of Ocean Jasper

ORCA ocean Jasper - bright orange poppies on green


quartz face close up macro

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