Alisha and I had initially talked of not going anywhere or doing anything for Christmas. Somehow that slowly morphed into going to see Alishas family for Christmas. Dont ask me how I just work here. But dont get me wrong it was a LOT of fun and just what we both needed after a semester of school and work for Alisha and Non-stop work for several months for me.

Right before we left Portland got hit with a foot or two of snow and was left paralyzed for 3-4 days due to its lack of snowtrucks, refusal to use salt, and a number of other factors. My love affair for my Subaru was taken up a few more notches as we trucked all over town doing donuts in parking lots and having other forms of irresponsible fun. 84 was closed until the morning we left to goto Eastern Washington.

Frozen rain on Pine

Before leaving I ran out to grab some photos of this pine bough which was covered in frozen snow and in fact grabbed a number of great photos.

Sunset ion Dekum

Ice Covered Trees at Sunset on Dekum Street


Our drive up eastern Washington on 395 – You can’t see it – but there is a car less than 20 feet in front of us. This is what one of my friends terms “white knuckle driving” The roads were thankfully mostly clear and free of icy patches otherwise we would have been stuck.

Dear Portland, while it was cute to see you flail under a few inches of snow you should step aside and let Spokane show you what real snow looks like. 3-4 feet!

Goofball - kris and alisha

Every time i see this picture I think “Goofball” so thats what it is. I can’t tell if its the aspherical distortion or our silly smiles but we do indeed look goofy.

Christmas Bow-keh

The name for the quality of transition from clarity in focus to a soft out of focus blur is called “Bokeh” but for this picture I wonder if it should be called BowKeh – thank you thank you I appear here every Thursday evening.

Macro Photograph of Ice Crystals

Ice Crystal Macro

After 4 days straight of fatty foods, cookies and obscene amounts of wine, I couldn’t ignore my inner nerd any longer and set up a science experiment where I tried to capture some photos of Ice Crystals – it worked out ok but given the fixed lighting and the lack of my 2x doubler I feel I was only able to scratch the surface of what is possible.

Speaking of frozen water… on our way out of Portland we dropped by multnomah Falls late at night and I set up a prolonged exposure in hopes of catching the awesomeness of the frozen waterfall… this was the best I could muster with the near total lack of light.

Thats it for this time… check out the rest of the photos here

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