When asked by the good folks at Chilluminati if I wanted to play once again at the Karmaklysm event in Wisconsin this summer Alisha and I deciced to make it into a roadtrip to see Priest Lake – Idaho, Glacier National Park, the Grasslands, and Minneapolis along the long drive from Portland to Wisconsin. I was excited to give the newest addition to my kit a field test, this being the jawdropping  70-200mm f2.8 II. We had previously tried to book a 7 day backcountry hike, but it fills up fast and the hikes are awarded by lottery. We settled for a staying two nights. We camped at flattop mountain two nights. In the day in between hiking in and hiking out we hiked up to 50 mountain which was amazing – all in all it was a quality 27 mile hike. from which my legs are still sore.  After Glacier we drove all day until we could go no further and caught the National Grasslands in North Dakota in the early morning. By the evening we ended up in Minneapolis and enjoy dinner and drinks with our friend Mellissa. We spent the next two days at the event with our homie Chad (Bogmon for those in the know). Not a whole lot to say about the cannonball run on the way back other than we tried to barrel through it as fast as  possible. If you like any of the photos I recommend checking them out large to see the incredible detail the new lens captures (the wide angles of course are with the 10-22mm)

North Dakota Morning Storm

Awe-inspiring early morning storm front in North Dakota

Alisha in the Grasslands

Alisha spinning in the Grasslands

Alishas Sunflowers

Alisha took this one =)

Glacier National Park

Moutain range from across the valley.

Bokeh Bokeh Bokeh!

My first bokeh test. So smooth I want to eat it.

Priest Lake Sunset Bokeh

Priest Lake Sunset Bokeh test 2


Montana Field at days end.

Glacier National Park

Meeting of mountains

North Dakota Grasslands


Glacier National Park

Fractal Mountain side lit by sparse cloudbreaks.

Glacier National Park

View from Flattop Mountain

Misa posing for a sharpness test

Priest Lake

Sunset Bokeh

Glacier National Park
Alisha relaxing in an alpine meadow


Valley Floor

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

50 Mountain. This meadow fills me with a special feeling. =)

Glacier National Park

More Glacier majesticness. New word!

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

U-shaped Glacial Valley

Early Morning Storm

The business end of the storm.

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