Tales from the Tour
I would write Tales from the Tour in dripping blood horror movie letters if
I could but Ive seemed to have forgotten the html code for it – what was it
again? backslash horror?

So yeah! Im back in San Francisco; first day of sleeping in my own bed and
relaxing. The tour was great! I’ve put most of the pictures online and
really trimmed back on all the unnecessary ones.

Im not going to bore you with a day by day recounting but just touch on some
of the moments that still make me smile and laugh

Our First gig was in Ashland on Thursday at the Mobius which as you can see
by this picture is a very nice little spot.

Small crowd and quaint little town. After that we headed back down to Mt.
Shasta to camp out for three days at Ancient Souls Festival with an armada
of friends.

We spent a lot of time chatting it up with Carson and Jamie who are the
cutest couple in the world – in fact, so infectiously cute you simply can’t
tolerate it and want to crush them just to make the cuteness stop. If you
dont understand this level of cuteness you’ve probably been spending too
much time in California and I will hereby refer you to pictures of baby
chicks and 9 week old kittens which you can study until you comprehend this
level of cuteness and end your daydreams of bashing me with your PETA signs.

My highlight at Ancient Souls was chilling with Michael around the campfire
all night until sunrise when the electric blue of the impending sunrise
sharply contrasted with the fiery oranges and reds reflecting off everyones
face as they huddled around the fire; creating this intensely tribal
atmosphere. Though the second most memorable moment was a dj who was playing
the most godawful house remixes of Genesis and Billy Idol – White Wedding in
these minute to two minute long epic trainwreck mixs. I hear at one point he
was trainwrecking the mix – complete shoes in the dryer/ galloping horse
style and stood back all proud and threw his hands up as if to say “look ma,
no hands”


After Ancient Souls we drove towards Crater Lake, stopping in Klammath
Falls, which is the largest town Ive ever been to that was completely devoid
of corporate logos, chains, and mcdonalds… nothing. It looked like it was
frozen in time 20 years ago. We had to do some hunting in order to get our
fix of espresso and Mexican food (which we didnt eat right away)

Soon after, we arrived in Crated Lake, which is the deepest lake in the US
and one of the deepest in the world (which gives it this incredibly deep
blue color).

We climbed up on the rim and opened our lunch and realized that we were
having the best burrito of our life. The logic went a little like this.
kris: Wow. this place is really beautiful, definitely the most beautiful
place I’ve ever had a burrito.
jack: This is one of the better tasting burritos I’ve ever had too and it
was only 4.50!
kris: It would be next to impossible to top this burrito experience so this
has got to be the best burrito we will ever have in this life time.
heres a photo after “The Burrito Experience” tm

So thats it… Crater Lake was out of control beautiful this day to the
point where we were numbed by it… kind of like if you’ve ever been to
Bryce or seen the General Sherman sequoia tree (largest living thing on the
planet) and just shrugged because you’d been looking at immensely large
trees all day but then when you get home and see your pictures you are like
DAMN! that place is nice!
Heres a pile of pretty pictures taken this day

We headed out right away to drive through the Three Sisters Wilderness in
Oregon to get to our camp ground and Terwilliger Springs on Cougar Lake. We
got to the campground, set up, and decided that a late night dip in the hot
springs would help us sleep better, especially since we were so dirty we had
permanant trailing little clouds of dust behind us like Linus. We arrived at
the entrance to the hot springs and the sign was doing everything in its
meager authoritarian word power to convince us that we were supposed to
behave and be proper law abiding citizens and come back during normal hours
of operation – sunrise to sunset. After reading about the fines we decided
that any possible fine would be worth the experience (though we did make the
proper donation for our usage) and went ahead and hiked for 15 minutes to
the springs in total darkness though the forest.

When we arrived and dipped into the 104 degree pools all worries and
tensions melted away within 15 minutes which was good timing because thats
when the full moon broke the top of a large pine covered mountain and its
majestic face shone moonbeams through the steaming springs and bounced
rippling white light from the top of the dancing water to our faces. The
moon was visible for about 30 minutes until it hid behind another mountain
and we decided to get some sleep. (to my non-hippy friends – save your
comments about that being the worst hippy pagan poetry you’ve ever read or
else Ill have to send you some that will make mine look good)

First thing in the morning we went back to the springs for a daytime
experience, of course I thought at this point that last nights experience
was tops… but wouldn’t you know it… it got better the path to the
springs that was nothing but dark gliding shapes at night looked like an
enchanted forest in the daytime

with tons of mushroooms everywhere – Amanita Muscaria anyone?

Heres a shot of the hotsprings

Morning sunbeams shining through the mouth of the hotsprings

So we then headed up to Portland for a couple more gigs. Met tons of great
people and really explored this awesome town. Portland you get 4 stars from
heres some randomness…

We went to the street fair that happens the last thursday of the month on
Alberta street. Saw tons of great art and even had a crowd rocking out to
some latin house spilling out into the street. I met the author of my
favorite zine… Ten Foot Rule and bought a little dollar zine off him that
was all about “Starting your own damn tour” – absolutely classic. Chatted
for awhile about why san fran sucks and why portland is cool.

here’s Jack playing like hes the shit. We got to cruise around town in this
bad boy… its simply too pimping for those of us who like to be the center
of attention without everyone noticing.

yep hippy haven.
alright… I thought Jack was pointing out this car and so I walked up to
check it out not even noticing the cat freaking out and hissing at us… but
yet he didnt move… just hissed and hissed. we had to actually orchestrate
the picture to get the cat to hiss just as we took the picture to really
capture the scene… what a little asshole.

Portland is probably the purest manifestation of the american dream ive seen
to date. If I ever decided I wanted to have kids and settle down it would be
in a place like this

We went up to Seattle for a few days and I found “the record” that rocked my
world at burningman, drank the worlds best lattes, and played at Oseao for a
cool mandala / visionary artwork gallery opening

I even got to play some sweet brazillian jazz, quiet nights for quiet stars.

after that we went to Portland, played at Ohm, and started our journey home
the next day.
Jack snagged a picture of me standing in front of Mt Shasta.

Meanwhile there was an epic sunset that started hours before the sun even
hid itself behind the mountains… rain clouds being torn asunder, shafts of
light breaking the cumulonimbus fluff and all kinds of color.

and onto the epic sunset on shasta which ended our tour properly

so there you have it. I went on tour and all i got were these stupid
the rest of the pictures are here