This past weekend I dj’ed up in Seattle and took an extra day to hang out with my friends Terry, Michelle, Rubin and Alisha and finally see the Seattle Public Library. I was first clued into the SPL after watching a TED talk about this amazing structure.(I embedded it at the bottom in case you want to see why this building is so amazing) I highly recommend you give it a watch. I was personally blown away at the efficiency on all fronts and considerations that went into the design so that it functioned as the heart of a thriving civic space.This was evident in that there were hundreds of people all efficiently using the library at the same time but I didnt see a single line. This is the other side of all the times I’ve complained about poorly conceived or designed spaces. I also tested out some video on my camera which is the first link, which I recommend checking out in full screen mode.








Corner office










Theres a new Tea-Jay in town


Asian Book Store


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