I went with Alisha and classmates to the coast to collect seaweed and chill at the beach. I took a number of macros at low tide which proved to be pretty difficult considering the waves crashing around and the razor sharp barnacles and my fear or broadcasting buttcrack to the world at large. Additionally since its somewhat relevant I put up a picture of my newest painting which is based on the San Juan islands (yeah thats right Orcas peeps!)

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Possibly my favorite frame ever.

Wave crest and Star filled twilight detail.

indian beach wave

Surf Crash – Indian Beach – Ecola State Park – Oregon Coast

Surf and Two Starfish

Starfish vs Waves – Ecola State Park – Oregon Coast

bubbles above anenome

Bubbles in pool above sea anemones

Neon Anenome off Oregon Coast

Sea Anemone macro

Tide Pool traffic jam

Beach Still Life

Seaweed Hunting

Starfish Macro

Starfish arms


Starfish and Surf

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