Welcome to my site. I’ve been plugging away at this site for close to ten years now; making artwork, encoding dj mixes, taking photos, trying to find a way to sculpt this whole sluggish mass of images into something fun and larger than the sum of its parts.

After three dark long years with no words on my site, I’ve decided to string it all together with a blog focusing on the fun, nerdy and geeky. browse around and leave your thoughts.

I am willing to license my artwork for commercial use and have several examples of it being used as such – If you are interested please feel free to contact me to work out a deal.

If you find this site inspiring and would like to contribute towards the cause (webhosting doesn’t grow on trees you know) here is a paypal button to donate any amount you see fit.

This site has several noteworthy sections …

The DJ mixes corner

This contains 27+ download-able, podcast-able and generally delectable mixes by dj phidelity in a wide variety of genres.

The Artwork Section

A wide spread of the sort of things I found fun to play with in the past ten years including cd design, 3d fractals and infinity inspired artwork, sand circles, sacred geometry and vector art, flyer design and various products clothes and large scale prints.

The Blog

For all things geeky and nerdy. I generally update in several sections of which you can get an rss feed if you so desire – Updates of important (to me at least) artwork and projects, New music, super geeky videos for music production, articles on subjects related to fractals infinity and phi.

The photos

I like to travel and I like to take pictures. Being a web geek with a lot of web-space means theres thousands of photos for you to check out. I am working on creating google maps outlining great places to take trips. I also started putting tags into the photos so you can search by tag category for instance check out my Favorites tab.

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